Paris is always a good idea

IMAG1866Visiting Paris always is a new adventure , it always seems new and inspiring .                                                        Can just not get enough of the atmosphere of this city ,Paris always reminds me of love ,beauty und life . The breathtaking architecture , the lively cafes and restaurants and everywhere you see somebody or something inspiring . I am spending a weekend here and i am trying to enjoy every second as good as possible , can not  rest a minute cause I want to experience the mornings in Paris the evenigs and of course the mindblowing nights of Paris.

Hope to come here again very soon , cause Paris is always a good idea .



a little insight into my small world

Writing always gave me the feeling of freedom , cause all my thoughts have to go in a line and come up one by one , so I can write them down , and i dont more have a mess of thoughts in my head rather I have a nice orderly line of big and small thoughts . So I decided to make a blog and share them with you . Hope I can show you a little insight of a normal girls world in her 20s .